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Example RSVP deadline: You can get clever with the language, but the RSVP deadline is typically worded a few common ways: We’ll talk more about specific phrasing and word options, including what to list on your wedding invitation, in part three of this series. Read Part 1 of this miniseries, which covers Save the Dates.

You can also check out our complete guide to wedding RSVPs here. Read Part 3 of this miniseries, which covers wedding invitations.

Traditionally, the RSVP process has started when the wedding invitations go out in the mail and you then wait…wait…and wait for the RSVP cards to be returned.

In today’s world, you also have the option to collect wedding RSVPs online, which can be faster and less stressful.

– As the RSVPs start to roll in, make sure they are captured in one place so that you know both who has/has not RSVPed, as well what the responses are.

If you’re not using a service like Glö to capture, organize and tally your responses, start a guestlist and RSVP spreadsheet.

Snail mail bonus hint: If you’re using snail mail RSVP cards, make sure you include a pre-addressed and pre-stamped return envelope with adequate postage.

Also, on the card, provide an alternative method to RSVP (like an email address or phone number.) That will help the busy guest who discovers the RSVP card in her “to do” pile 5 days after the RSVP deadline!

With mailed cards, you’ll likely need a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s replies.How you phrase your invitation and RSVP questions should convey the same amount of personality as the wedding invitation design and also set the tone for your guests.If you’re mailing printed invitations, response cards are a separate inclusion, along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.– Your guests are interesting, fun people – but this means they are busy too.Although you are thinking about your wedding day and night, they are not, and there is *nothing* wrong with that.

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